This week is March Break for many school boards across the nation, and beyond the usual stress over last-minute packing, dog-sitting arrangements and cancelling the newspaper, you’re also stressing about whether you’ll actually continue training for your spring marathon while you’re away. The answer is yes, provided you keep three things in mind:

One “down” week won’t kill your training

Go easy on yourself. You probably won’t stick to your training plan 100 per cent this week, especially if you’re somewhere where there’s a beach. If you normally train five days a week, make a deal with yourself (and let your family know) that you’ll be going for a decent run two or three times, and don’t feel guilty about it. You’re not perfect, and running isn’t perfect. It will be OK, we promise.




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Run early in the morning

Even if you usually don’t run in the morning, try it just this week. So you’re a little hungover–the fresh air will perk you up. Get your run done before your family is up, and you can spend the rest of the day with them, guilt-free. Plus if you’re at the beach, it’s likely to be cooler in the morning. (Remember to take water, your room key, and a little cash, just in case.)

Wear socks

The combination of sand and skin can quickly cause blisters, especially if your feet aren’t used to it. So if you run on the beach, be sure to wear socks with your shoes, even if it’s warm. If you’re tempted to run barefoot, wait until you’re almost back where you started. 

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