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Eight ways to cope with a rainy race day

Because not all days are fair weather running


As thousands of fans and participants saw this year in Boston, it is possible for it to rain on race day. After months of preparation in anticipation of a race, it’s frustrating when the day finally arrives and it’s pouring. In case this unfortunate situation happens to you, we’ve rounded up six of the most important things to consider if race day turns into a rainy day. Having a plan of action leading up to a goal race is a key way to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. 




  1. Wear a hat. It seems simple, but it’s truly effective. Putting a cap on keeps the face dry and water out of the eyes, which is key for visibility. A hat is also great for keeping wet hair in place. 
  2. Don’t overdress. Quality over quantity when it comes to dressing for a rainy day. Ensure that the first layer is a technical, fitted layer that is sweat-wicking. On top of the base layer, temperature dependent, can be another technical layer or a shell. Whatever goes on top, make sure it’s breathable. 
  3. Protect electronics. Most watches are waterproof up to several metres so those shouldn’t cause an issue, but phones and cameras can create a problem. Put cellphones and other electronics in plastic baggies to ensure that they stay dry.
  4. If possible, bring two pairs of shoes to the race. By bringing an old pair as well as anew pair of shoes to the race, you can walk to the course and warm up in the old pair, then swap them out for a dry pair right before the run. The fresh pair will inevitably get wet as well, but at least the start of the race is a little more comfortable. 
  5. Remember to hydrate. Rain can keep the body temperature relatively low, so it’s easy to forget about hydration. Water on the skin isn’t equivalent to water in the body. 
  6. Avoid cotton. Cotton socks, t-shirts or pants will all get wet and stay wet. Look for technical, quick-dry fabrics. They’re usually a little more expensive, but well wroth the price. 
  7. Don’t be afraid to train in the rain. Training in the rain provides the opportunity to test out a few different outfit options, and get used to less than ideal conditions before race day.
  8. Accept it. Even though it isn’t ideal, it’s important to prepare properly and embrace a rainy day. Especially if it’s hot out, the rain might actually be in your favour. And think how tough you’ll look when it’s all over.