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Bandit Running’s community-driven approach is changing the running culture

Bandit Running is a new high-performance apparel company out of NYC that promises comfort without sacrificing style

bandit running Photo by: Bandit Running

A new apparel brand founded out of one of the world’s global running hubs, New York City, is making noise in the running community. 

Bandit Running is a fashion-forward performance run brand that started in the fall of 2020 in a basement apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. by Tim West with a single product: performance running socks. The brand caught fire in the NYC running community and West’s club, Brooklyn Track Club, for its product quality, standout branding and, most importantly, its community approach.

Photo: Bandit Running

“When West launched the performance socks and hats, it was about the brands’ identity,” says Ardith Singh, chief design officer at Bandit Running. “Once we saw the popularity of them in NYC-run club, we knew Bandit Running could be something bigger.”  

Photo: Bandit Running

Bandit Running launched its full running apparel line in the spring of 2022 and designed a full kit for its ultra-relay team at The Speed Project (TSP). “The goal of our product is to feel fast and comfortable without sacrificing style,” says Singh.

Since Singh joined Bandit Running, the brand has established a community-centred design process, which ensures our products, stories, and experiences are created hand-in-hand with runners from NYC and around the world. 

Being from New York City, Bandit Running stuck to its roots and knew its presence and exposure at the marathon would pay off. The brand showed off new products at a West Village pop-up shop and held a confetti cheer station in Brooklyn during the race.

“We knew the NYC marathon would be a pinnacle for our growth,” says Singh. “The weekend was magical and the running community fuelled our engines for more.”

Right now, Bandit Running apparel is only available to order online, but the brand hopes to immerse itself in more events and community pop-ups in 2023.