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Diplo runs a half-marathon off no training, then goes to the club

The world-famous DJ completed the Miami Half-Marathon in 1:50:11 and now loves to run

On Feb. 6, one of the world’s most famous DJs made a surprise appearance on the start line of the Miami Half Marathon – on a bet. Grammy-award-winning artist Diplo (Thomas Pentz), who has collaborated with Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg and Morgan Wallen, and is a part of the reggae-dancehall trio Major Lazer, ran the half marathon in 1:50:11 off no training and after being at Miami’s E11even nightclub the night before the race.

“My friend bet me that I couldn’t run the Miami half marathon with no training,” Diplo wrote on his Instagram story.

The DJ mentioned he has no previous racing or running experience, and poked fun at runners’ superstitious antics before the race.

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Not only did the 43-year-old DJ complete the race in a decent time for someone who has not trained, but he also managed to run a negative split – covering the first 10K in 51:56 and the second 10K in 51:36, which is impressive for someone with no running experience.

After Diplo proved his friend wrong, he went on a celebration tour with the finisher medal. The DJ continued to post Instagram stories with the medal and was even seen at the club still wearing his bib and medal.

Diplo (bottom right) is seen at Miami’s Space day club in his race bib and finisher medal. Source: @diplo Instagram

In a post-race interview with the Miami Herald, Diplo said, “My (half-marathon) time was quicker on Sunday than the two-hour DJ set I played Friday night – so DJing is probably harder.”

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Diplo seems to have caught the runner’s high, as he now has aspirations to run the LA Marathon in March. It has not been confirmed whether he will train for the full marathon this time around.

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