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82-year-old finishes beer mile at FloTrack World Championships

Elvira Montes, an 82-year-old grandmother, competed at the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships on Saturday. See that and the many other highlights from the annual Austin, Texas event.

Elvira Montes

Beyond the elite races at the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships, there were a number of other memorable moments from the drinking and running event. One of those highlights include an 82-year-old finishing the beer mile for the third consecutive year at the Austin, Texas event.

Elvira Montes, who turned 82 earlier this year, completed the four-beer, 1,609m race in 20:47, the oldest to finish. She ran 20:24 in 2015. Hooters surprised Montes and her family with a birthday party earlier this year after they found out that she competed at the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships.

The El Paso, Texas native said after the 2015 event that “I don’t like beer. I don’t drink beer.” That didn’t stop her from racing again in 2016. In a pre-race interview, Montes said they she trained for this year’s event by “drinking Coors Light on the treadmill and drinking a couple Scotches a week.” She turns 83 on Jan. 4.


See below for some of the other highlights from the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships on Saturday. It was the third annual world championship race, not to be confused with the summer’s Beer Mile World Classic.

Blind Paralympian, 2:31 marathoner runs 6:33 beer mile

Chad Davis, a 2:31 marathoner, clocked a 6:33 for the beer mile on Saturday running alongside his guide for most of the race. The Paralympian soloed the last part of the race as his drinking and running abilities were too good for the guide to match. Davis says that he has run a six-flat beer mile in the past.

Man juggles through beer mile in 7:41

World famous joggler and Canadian Michal Kapral has some competition in the juggling and running world. Adam Merritt is believed to have set a new world record for fastest joggling beer mile running his way to a 7:41 mark. Beermile.com, the official aggregator for everything beer mile-related, shows the world best for a joggling beer mile as 7:30, also by Merritt, though there is no video proof.

The mixture of running, drinking and juggling is unofficially known as “choggling.”

Canadian domination, DQ in women’s race

Canada went 1-2-4 in the men’s elite race on Saturday including Corey Bellemore’s 4:49 win taking home US$2,500. Lewis Kent was second with Phil Parrot-Migas in fourth. Anne Belanger was the top Canadian in the women’s elite race finishing seventh in 7:11. A Canadian, Jeremy Hall, also won the men’s sub-elite race in 5:48.

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In the women’s race, there was an initial world record set but the time was later erased as Allison Morgan had too much beer left over in the bottles. Morgan, who ran 6:07, was disqualified so Caitlin Batten was declared the winner in 6:29.

Beer mile relay team replicates Galen Rupp’s Nike jersey

The Houston Drinking Team competed in the beer mile relay at the FloTrack Championships on Saturday and had some recognizable attire to those familiar with American and Olympic marathon bronze medallist Galen Rupp. The team of four rocked some Nike gear with noticeable holes to imitate Rupp’s jersey from the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and Olympic Games. The Houston Drinking Team won the relay in 5:07 as each of the four runners consume one beer and complete one lap before passing off to the next person.

Can you see the resemblance?