Olympic hopeful spikes rival’s drink to trigger failed drug test

A spiked drink sounds reminiscent of Canadian former sprinter Ben Johnson's 1988 Olympics claim

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Japanese kayaker Yasuhiro Suzuki admitted to spiking the drink of a competitor to trigger a positive drug test resulting in an eight-year ban.

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As the Japan Times reports, a Japan Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation found that Suzuki had spiked rival Seiji Komatsu‘s drink with a supplement containing methandienone, anabolic steroid, which resulted in Komatsu’s failed drug test. The Japan Times reports that the two were candidates to represent the country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“It is a significant loss for Japanese people who have spent many years building up sportsmanship as a virtue,” managing director of the country’s canoe federation Toshihiko Furuya says.

. K-4/500m was 2nd…😢🥈 アジアで優勝するためにこの大会に出場しましたが、負けてしまいました。 . でも、今シーズン最後の最後で一番手応えを感じるレースが出来ました。 予選はバラバラで不安もありましたが、決勝でうまく立て直す事が出来ました。 課題も沢山ありますが、来年のアジア大会、そして東京オリンピックに向けてこの冬頑張ります‼︎ . そして今シーズンもやっと終わりました‼︎ 応援ありがとうございました‼︎ . . . #asianchampionship #china#shanghai #roadtotokyo2020#tokyo2020 #riototokyo#teamjapan #ICFsprint#sprintkayak #motivation#athletelife #カヌースプリント#カヌー #アジア選手権#中国#上海 #アスリート #東京2020#東京オリンピック

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Sound familiar?

Recall that Canadian Ben Johnson, who was stripped of his gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, claims a “mystery man,” Andre “Action” Jackson, spiked his post-race beer with steroids after the Canadian famously defeated Carl Lewis, who was upgraded to gold after Johnson’s DQ, and company over 100m in 9.79, a world record at the time. Johnson’s argument is that he used furazabol, an anabolic steroid, but tested positive for stanozolol. He preferred furazabol as stanozolol made him feel “tight.” (Jackson was a Santa Monica Track Club teammate of Lewis’s.)

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The men’s 100m final at the 1988 Olympics is dubbed “the dirtiest race in history,” rivalled by the women’s 1,500m final at the 2012 London Olympics.