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Joe Biden adds runner to campaign team

Kevin Liao will act as the Democratic candidate’s communications director in Nevada

Photo by: Instagram/liaopics

Runner and Citius Mag writer Kevin Liao recently joined former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign as the communications director in Nevada. Biden is running to become the U.S. president, and Liao will look to help him get there ahead of the upcoming November election. This is not Liao’s first job in politics, having previously worked on the communications team of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and as press secretary to the speaker of the California Assembly.

Liao has written for Citius, the running publication founded by Sports Illustrated’s Chris Chavez, for several years, with articles dating back to early 2017. His bio on the Citius website is short and to the point, noting that he’s an amateur runner from Sacramento and that he “enjoys politics a lot.” Apparently his coworkers have known about his love for politics for some time, and now that he’s joined one of the two biggest campaigns in the U.S. right now, everyone else knows, too.

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While Liao is not in the election himself or running for a spot in office, he joins many other members of the global political community who are also runners. Justin Trudeau is an avid runner, and he often runs when visiting other countries. He has also participated in the Canada Army Run, where he ran a 22:37 in 2017. Other running politicians in addition to the Canadian prime minister include former Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong and Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, the former president of Croatia. Maybe we’ll see Liao accompanying Biden for some runs around the White House grounds if all goes well for their team this election season.