A US$100 million lawsuit against Lance Armstrong will proceed to trial and the former professional cyclist had a lighthearted moment amidst the recent news. The 45-year-old, who was once a seven-time Tour de France champion before those titles were stripped, shared a photo on Instagram showing he owed the United States Postal Service an additional $1.09 in postage costs.

“That moment when you realize U.S. Postal Service wants $100 million plus a dollar and 9 cents from you,” he posted to Instagram from his home in Austin, Texas. The photo is an envelope addressed to Armstrong, originally delivered from Portland, Ore., with a hand-written calculation showing an outstanding payment.

“Hi,” the accompanying note in the photo reads, “this package requires an additional $1.09. If you will please leave it in the mailbox again please, that would be great. Thanks and have a nice day! Mail carrier.”

That moment when you realize @uspostalservice wants 100 mil plus a dollar and 9 cents from you.

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According to USA Today, the government, on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service, is suing Armstrong for US$100 million in damages after the agency sponsored the cyclist from 2000 to 2004. The independent agency, according to the report, would not have paid Armstrong the US$32.3 million had they known he was using performance-enhancing drugs. The remaining damages are being claimed under the False Claims Act.

The federal court judge determined that a jury shall decide whether the argument, which the Armstrong camp put forward, that “the U.S. Postal Service received far more in value from the sponsorship than the US$32.3 million it paid” is valid or not. Armstrong admitted to doping in 2013.

The 2:46:43 marathoner has showed interest in running in recent years competing in Spartan Races and pacing a friend during the Western States 100. His doping ban, however, has, for the most part, excluded him from many sanctioned events. His marathon time is from the 2007 New York City Marathon.

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  • Aka says:

    Awe Poor Lance. Idiot. Shouldn’t have been doping, deceiving the people and cheating the real winners out of their medals and notoriety. And… His carrier was nice enough to pay the postage due for him out of his or her own pocket and was only asking to be paid back.

    • John hansen says:

      Aka, the entire peleton was on dope, and they were racing for money not medals

    • Terrie says:

      Agree. He should have had to stand in line to pay postage. That’s the thanks people give to those who go beyond the call of duty. Shame on your Lance. Pride comes before the fall.

  • Ceejay says:

    message to Lance Armstrong… make the USPS whole in all respect, pay the carrier what she’s owed and stop whining like a little b*tch. you’re the dumb ass that have been doping not them. remain INCOGNITO will you!

  • Bib says:

    The real villain here us the person who mailed the package.

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