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Canadian Dave Steen was the 1988 Olympic bronze medallist in the decathlon. He had suspicions in 1988 that he may have competed against athletes who were doping, but he told the Canadian Press earlier today that he “walked away satisfied.” Steen has moved on from professional track and field to become a firefighter in Windsor, Ont. where he lives with his four children.

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 In his upcoming autobiography, fellow decathlon competitor and first-place finisher at the 1988 Olympics, Christian Schenk, admitted to doping. 

Steen reportedly feels that, “one of the things that has bothered me about this, probably the only thing that’s really kind of got to me a little bit, was the IOC stance on this, the statute of limitations. I thought that’s an extremely poor message.”

IOC doping

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has a statute of limitations that states, “No anti-doping rule violation proceeding may be commenced against an Athlete or other Person unless he or she has been notified of the anti-doping rule violation as provided in Article 7, or notification has been reasonably attempted, within ten years from the date the violation is asserted to have occurred.”

Because of this clause, Steen will remain the third place finisher in the 1988 Olympics, as 30 years have passed since the 1988 Olympics. 

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