The latest trend in cross-country is as gross as it sounds: the porta-potty challenge.

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Let’s flush this one out. Find a porta-potty, squeeze as many people inside as possible, then film the exit sequence. The more, the better, apparently. The challenge is particularly popular among long-distance runners and can be done at most events, given the abundance of portable toilets at events.

One high school team, based in South Carolina, managed to fit 40 runners inside a porta-potty and seemingly wiping out any other contenders. “No cheating here,” they tweeted out.

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That was until 41 people managed to fit inside a porta-potty.

See some of the other videos posted to social media using the hashtag #PortaPottyChallenge below.

The trend, which is gaining worldwide attention, including coverage on the BBC, appears to date back as far as this past spring.


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