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Romantic, creative and artistic Strava routes

Marriage proposals, heart shapes, and a Star Wars tribute: That and more in some wacky and creative routes made on the GPS-tracking app, Strava.

Though most people use Strava, a GPS-tracking application, simply to log kilometres and fitness statistics, some users take it a step further and decide to get artistic in mapping out their routes. The artistic feats have even earned the routes a new name, StravaDoodles.

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From hearts to marriage proposals to a tribute to the Star Wars series, here are a few of the best Strava routes that we could find that display a user’s creativity.

The proposal

The user Murphy M. went above and beyond in creating a marriage proposal on Strava. Fortunately, the move paid off as his girlfriend at the time accepted his proposal. The map, though a bit rough, says “Marry me Emily.”

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The detailed route can be found here.

Strava Routes

The heart

Paris is considered one of the more romantic destinations for tourists and Florian Tolle added on Strava that “Paris is about love.” Tolle did well mapping out this heart appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

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Image 44

The Movember tribute

To celebrate Movember, an annual event where moustaches are grown for the entire month of November to raise money for cancer, David M. took to Strava to create “Sir Runningsworth.” Decked out with a monocle and a moustache, this may be the most creative of all Strava routes.

Image 45

The Stars Wars fanatic

Though this wasn’t a Strava route, Gene Lu managed to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film by running around Portland, Ore. and mapping out characters on Nike+, a program similar to Strava.