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Longest known run streak comes to an end after 52 years

Ron Hill, who had not missed a day of running in more than 52 years, took a day off after falling ill putting an end to his incredible streak.

Ron Hill

The longest known run streak has come to an end.

Ron Hill, 78, was forced to take the day off after falling ill. (Jan. 28 was his last run of the streak.) He had had not missed a run in 52 years and 39 days, the company of the same name tweeted out on Monday. Among his lengthy running accomplishments is being the second person to have broken the 2:10-barrier in the marathon.

“I have been having heart problems and have been waiting for some time now to have the problem diagnosed and hopefully rectified,” Hill told Streak Runners International.

“The world’s greatest run streaker ends his streak,” Ronhill tweeted out Monday. “Due to ill health Ron has decided to take a day off.” In order to count as a part of the run streak, each run needed to be at least one mile (1,609m). The three-time Olympian’s run streak dates back to Dec. 21, 1964. The streak lasted 19,032 days, according to the Washington Post.

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Hill won the 1970 Boston Marathon and is one of the most successful English runners in history. He won the marathon at both the 1969 European Championships and the 1970 Commonwealth Games. Hill created Ron Hill Sports in 1970, a brand that makes sports apparel and gear. The current company is known as Ronhill.

He holds a PhD in textile chemistry and is considered a pioneer in the use of synthetic materials for running apparel.