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Running Twitter trolls LeBron as he enters free agency

The prospect of a mile challenge between King James and Malcolm Gladwell is too good for some to resist

Lebron James

Call your bookie. We could be about to see a contest of historic proportions.

Not really. The running site Citius Mag revived its LeBron trolling campaign when he entered free agency. But the prospect of facing him in a mile challenge seems to tickle Gladwell, nonetheless.

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Here was Gladwell’s response today:


It started last year, with the running site speculating that James might actually be a pretty good runner.

It continued with odds being set at who would win a mile race, James or Malcolm Gladwell, author of massive bestsellers The Tipping Point and Outliers who is both a serious runner and a huge hoops fan.

On June 1, Citius Mag tweeted the photo of James’s frustration with hapless teammate J.R. Smith, but with Gladwell’s face on Smith’s body. Gladwell loved it.

That, of course, encouraged further trolling.

When James became a free agent, the running site speculated he might find his next team in a different sport altogether, whereupon the Bowerman Track Club took up the thread. And Gladwell seemed to issue a challenge. 

And then the “press release” from James, and Gladwell’s response:

It would be epic, no doubt. But folks, don’t hold your breath.