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What socially-distanced gyms might look like

Hong Kong gyms are taking measures to ensure their members stay healthy and safe

On May 15, many gyms reopened in Hong Kong with limited patrons and new hygiene measures. These gyms offer the same services as before, but in a different way. Bloomberg reports that facilities now include a handful of precautionary measures so that members can work out without worrying about getting sick.

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RELATED: Canadians reluctant to return to gyms when they reopen

For Canadians, returning to the gym still feels far away. And even when gyms reopen, many people are uncertain about whether they will go back. RunRepeat asked over 10,000 gym members if they plan on returning, and 42 per cent of Canadians have said they won’t. Of those Canadians, more than a third have already cancelled memberships or say they’re planning to.

The new safety measures


The Hong Kong gym featured in Bloomburg’s QuickTake used UV light to sanitize phones, transparent dividers between cardio machines, removed water fountains, had pre-workout temperature checks and mandatory machine sanitization. In addition to these new measures, members were asked to keep their distance at all times.

Canada still far from reopening gyms

So far, most Canadian provinces are in the first phase of a multi-step approach to a complete reopen. Phase One for Ontario includes opening some public spaces and allows residents to participate in individual sports such as track and field (in groups of five people or fewer).

Opening gyms and recreation centres is part of most province’s Phase Two plans. Those launch dates are contingent on the success of Phase One.

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