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Kilian Jornet not running Hardrock 100

Find out why Kilian Jornet will not be running Hardrock 100 in 2019

It’s not everyday that the Hardrock 100 waitlist makes a move. Hardrock 100 race organizers just announced that four time winner and course record holder Kilian Jornet has decided to take his name out of the race for July 2019. Next up on the waitlist is Shinsuke Isomura, who will take Jornet’s spot on the list. This will be Isomura’s third Hardrock 100.

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Jornet set the Hardrock 100 course record when he first completed the event in 2014.  In 2018 he took his name out of the running (pun intended) for some recovery time following his Bob Graham FKT in July. If 2018 was for recovery reasons, 2019 is likely due to parental reasons. In March 2019, Jornet and partner Emelie Forsberg welcomed a baby girl into the world.

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We got some pow for her first skitour.

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Jornet will be focusing on racing less, while training more. He has three main races on his agenda. He plans on racing the Zegama Marathon in June, and the Sierre Zinal 31K in August as part of the Golden Trail Series. Although he will not be in the San Juan Mountain Range for Hardrock, he will be in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains at the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado in August.

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