On November 10, 2018 Zach Bitter broke the 100-mile trail world record at the Tunnel Hill 100-mile race in Vienna, Illinois in 12:08:36. The course is on smooth wide rail trail and has less than 600 metres of elevation change. Bitter’s time was just 28 minutes behind his American 100-mile record on a track. In 2015 he ran 100 miles at the Desert Solstice 24-hour race in 11:40:55.   

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According to Bitter’s Strava, his average pace was 4:20 per kilometre (7:14 mile pace). He ran the first 50 miles (80K) in 5:42. Twitter updates during the race implied the possibility of his breaking 12 hours for 100 miles on trail. Bitter tweeted he wants to return to Tunnel Hill now that he is familiar with the course. 

 Camille Herron raced Tunnel Hill in 2017, getting the 100-mile trail world record 12:42:40. Camille also holds the 100-mile world record. 

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Bitter’s time was 24 minutes faster than the previous 100-mile trail world record set by Jonas Buud in 2010 at the Täby Extreme Challenge in Sweden. It was also 36 minutes faster than the previous 100-mile trail American record set by Ian Sharman at the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile race in 2011. 

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