Matt Damon the secret half-marathoner?

Fans of Matt Damon spotted him and his wife running in the crowd of a California half-marathon.

Photo: Creative Commons

For most runners, finishing that marathon or half doesn’t happen without an announcement. Complete the distance and run selfies flood the social feeds. It’s rare for a runner to not want to highlight their accomplishments but it’s looking like actor Matt Damon is one runner who prefers to keep racing private.

Damon was spotted at Huntington Beach, California on Feb. 7 at the Surf City Marathon. He was entered in the half with his wife, Luciana Barroso. This was first reported by The Orange County Register.

Fans in the crowd spotted Damon and when he finished, he posed with them for photos while he waited for his wife to make her way to the end. Barroso ran the half-marathon in 2:13:40. As for Damon, when fans looked up his race results, he wasn’t listed.

It turns out he ran under a different name: Matthew Greenleaf. In photos of the race, Damon was seen wearing bib number 140. When looking up that number on the race’s results page, the name entered is Matthew Greenleaf. He cracked the two-hour mark running 1:58:05 and placing 1,721.

That name is likely a nod to Damon’s 1999 film, The Talented Mr. Ripley with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law. In the movie, Damon’s character assumes the identity of the character played by Law.

The name of that character? Dickie Greenleaf. Well played, Damon. Well played.

It turns out this isn’t Damon’s only association with the sport. He is also the producer of Running the Sahara– a film about three runners who run 6,920 kilometres across six countries in 111 days.

Will Damon continue to let his interest in running grow? Better keep your eyes peeled, you just may spot him on the race course.