Stray dog runs 10K of Mumbai Marathon

stray dog
stray dog
Photo: Facebook.

An unexpected pup jumped in alongside the 40,000 runners in this weekend’s Mumbai Marathon.

According to DNA India, the dog, a one-eyed stray, began running 10K from the finish of the race and ran with participants until they stopped at the end. Some runners recognized the dog as one of the strays which live near a temple in the area and wanted to return him to the temple where he would be safe from other strays, who are highly territorial in the Indian city.

A local NGO, Save Our Strays, posted a photo to Facebook asking if anyone had seen the dog, and it seemed the pup had already found his way back home. Locals noted on Facebook they had seen him back near the temple. The dog is easily recognizable, only having one eye.

The story is similar to that of Boogie, the dog who ran the Evansville half-marathon in the fall of 2013, was awarded a medal, a died of heart complications only days later.