Put down the cell phone and RUN

I am guilty of running and texting. I carry my phone for music and, when it goes off with a text message, I’m guilty of responding.

I didn’t even realize how ridiculous this was until I saw a post on Tumblr as I was browsing the web:

It must look funny to others as I jog and text. It slows me down, I bump into things and it’s not the safest thing to do or most practical. I could drop my phone (nightmare!), or worse, get hit by a car or run into someone.

Not only that, but running should be ME time. Why do I need to be making plans, responding to my mom, or checking to see if that cute guy from the other night has texted me yet (he never does.. hmm..). Like the quote says, “unless you’re superwoman…”, which I’m not.

Point being: running is me time but I’m not spending it with me, I’m spending it with my phone.

I could go on and on about how we’re so dependent on our phone and social media, etc., but it’s true! Leaving it at home gives some people, myself included, a bit of anxiety. It’s a habit that needs to be broken.

So, this weekend I left the phone at home. My main problem was that my iPod wasn’t up to date with music, so I just plugged it into my computer and got it up to date. Soon, I was ready to rock and roll, quite literally.

As I first set out, I found I was a bit anxious. I had left some conversations open ended, I was thinking about plans later that night, and I just felt a general feeling of anxiety about my unfinished conversations that I really had to work on letting go.

I focused on my breathing, how running felt, and what was around me. It was a gorgeous day and I should be embracing it. It may have taken a couple of minutes, but soon I felt so relieved and liberated. It really added to the enjoyment I felt when I run.

I wonder how many other people are guilty of texting and running?

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