Racers face fog-like conditions at world’s most polluted half-marathon

Runners faced terrible conditions at the Delhi Half-Marathon on Sunday as the world's most polluted city lived up to its name.

In a city of a more than 16 million people, it’s no surprise that New Delhi is the world’s most polluted city.

On Sunday morning, more than 30,000 runners faced “very poor” air conditions at the Delhi Half-Marathon and its associated races weaving through the streets of the fifth-most populous metropolis in the world.

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The event was won by Ethiopia’s Birhanu Legese (59:20) on the men’s side and Kenya’s Cynthia Limo (1:08:35) in the women’s race as both winners took home $36,000 for their efforts.

Despite the pollution, the race remains one of the world’s fastest as five men broke the 59:30 barrier. Only two other half-marathons have had five men run under 59:30.

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Twelve other Indian cities ranked among the world’s top-20 most polluted locations as the country faces environmental issues of overpopulation, lack of infrastructure, and water scarcity.