Weekend weather: Best and worst places to run in Canada


It’s the time of year when runners across Canada get to experience all sorts of seasons.

Runners in Ontario have been enjoying the first taste of summer these past few days. That’s going to continue through Mother’s Day weekend. That’s not true for those living in the more northern regions of the province though. They are going to be seeing rain– even a bit of snow. Highs in the Toronto area are going to hit around 27C. Move over to Quebec and that warm trend continues. Highs will be near 30C. Right now Montrealers are enjoying 21C warm temperatures.

The east coast runners are going to be rained on all weekend. It’s going to be a little chilly out east, around 5C. P.E.I. will get heavier rainfall. The weekend is below seasonal. The Prairies don’t have a great weekend ahead. Runners won’t be running in the worst conditions either even though they have been experiencing colder than usual weather, (5C in Calgary)

B.C. runners usually have it pretty good. That’s the story for this weekend too. Temperatures hover at around 20C. Pretty warm, without being too hot for a long run or outdoor workout.