Ski goggles and all: Running a beer mile in a snowstorm

Run215, a Philadelphia-based running organization, hosted a beer mile in the middle of a snowstorm last weekend with epic results.

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Last weekend, much of the eastern coast of the United States was covered in more than a metre of a snow, with the storm being called Jonas, Blizzard 2016, and Snowzilla.

New York City, for example, was dumped with more than 75 cm of snow.

For many runners, that amount of snow meant putting a halt or scaling back training slightly to account for the added precipitation in most areas. But for a group of Philadelphia runners (Run215), it seemed like the perfect time to do a beer mile.

As you can tell in the video, it seemed as though skiing attire was more appropriate than running apparel on this occasion. The event was named #FREEZYCHEEKSPHL on Facebook with the video being uploaded by Run215, a Philadelphia-based running group (215 is the local area code).

This is how the group described the event on Facebook:

The “Perfect Storm” calls for one of the most irreverent, imperfect events in running history – The “Beer Mile”. Only, we are adding the twist of holding one during a blizzard. Crazy? Sure, but you should have expected at least THAT much from us by now.

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A traditional beer mile consists of running four laps and drinking four beers. Bonus points if done in the middle of a snowstorm sporting ski gear.

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The runners from Philly were not the only ones seen running around in the snow last weekend, even the wildlife got in on the action:

Some even resorted to cross-training in the form of cross-country skiing:

H/t: Run215 via Twitter.