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VIDEO: Great North Run elites get engaged at finish line

A pair of top-five finishers at the 2017 Great North Run, the world's largest half-marathon, got engaged after the race on Sunday

Moments after finishing second in the 2017 Great North Run with the post-race towel still around his shoulders, Jake Robertson proposed to his now-fiance Magdalyne Masai.

The New Zealand distance runner who calls Kenya home ran 1:00:12 to finish second to Mo Farah, who won his fourth consecutive Great North Run in South Shields in the UK.

“Today was a special day for so many reasons. I’ll remember this day forever. So proud to be engaged with Magdalyne Masai,” Robertson, the twin brother of Zane Robertson, said on Instagram. The Great North Run is the largest half-marathon in the world.

“In the last mile it just randomly came to my mind that today was the day,” he told reporters after the race.

Masai finished fourth in the women’s race in 1:10:39, behind Mary Keitany, who will be running the New York City Marathon in November.