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Only in Canada: Tough runners, Tim Hortons and a snowstorm

This latest video out of New Brunswick combines three very Canadian things: Tough runners, Tim Hortons and a snowstorm.

Tim Hortons

Eastern Canada was hit hard by a snowstorm last week putting a Tim Hortons run in jeopardy for those living in the Maritimes. One New Brunswick woman didn’t let the poor conditions interrupt her Timmies run.

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Allyson Mitton, a dog trainer, filmed her trek to a local Tim Hortons, a Canadian fast food restaurant famous for its coffee, donuts and image as an cultural fixture, in Sussex, N.B. along with her two running buddies: a pair of border collies.

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The two canines pulled Mitton on a dog sled through the drive-thru of the fast food restaurant.

Six-year-old Braya and four-year-old Shift pulled the dog sled four kilometres into town according to CTV News.

A more detailed video of the trek can be found below:

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According to Mitton, the two border collies enjoyed a few Timbits, bite-sized confectionery treats similar to donuts, while she enjoyed a coffee. The breed is known as a working and herding dog so it’s no surprise the two were up for the Tim Hortons challenge.