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Need for speed

Is it possible to keep my walk breaks and still shave 30 minutes from my PB?

Feet of endurance

There’s a reason runners’ feet don’t have the same aspirational status as dancers’ legs or NBA players’ biceps

Questions on a cold run

Yesterday, I ran 18K in -10 “feels like” -21 weather. And, as my drink in my water bottle froze, I was forced to ask: “Why do I put myself through this?”

My life as a dog

Should runners get bonus points for getting out of bed before the sun is up?

Growing Pains. I mean, really GROWING pains

Maybe I’ve been a wee bit unrealistic in my quest for middle-of-the-pack glory.

Couch to Kenyan in five months

Not everyone was born to run. I stumbled into running in my late 20s. And OK, I’m slow – but I like running and I’m tired of seeing more bums than bibs. So, here’s my goal – run the Ottawa marathon in 4:20, almost 30 minutes faster than my PB.