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Rob Watson, our man in Moscow – Day 7: marathon morning

2013 IAAF World Track & Field Championships
Dylan Armstrong > bear

Very short and quick update here.

Gonna keep this short, gotta race to focus on. But before I get in the bubble I have to give a huge congrats to Dylan Armstrong for his bronze medal performance last night. Dylan has been a constant figure on the international scene in representing our country. The Canadian team is having a fantastic meet and it is only fitting that the gentle giant is in on the medal parade.

Dylan is just a massive dude, if he were to fight a bear I would totally put my money on Dylan. But more than likely if a bear were to approach Dylan looking for a fight he’d simply flash his big toothy grin and charm the bear with his amazingly warm and caring personality. He and the bear would then have a beer and become best friends. Dylan is just that type of guy, you can’t help but love him… what the hell did I just write? Geez, bascically what I’m trying to say is that I am pumped that the big man performed so well.

Sorry, I’m not thinking straight here! I have this little 42.2K footrace on my mind.

Having said that, thanks so much for the continued love and support that you have all continually shown me. It means a lot, can’t wait to get out there today and do my thing.

We’ll talk after.

Cheers Canada.