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The Shakeout Podcast: The Iconic Journey from Hopkinton to Boston

This week we bring you personal stories from the Boston Marathon.

The Shakeout Podcast: Daily Habits of Highly Effective Runners

What you do during the hours you’re not running can make you a better runner.

The Shakeout Podcast: A Tour de France by Foot

The Paris Marathon is a lesson in history.

The Shakeout Podcast: Big or Small, parkrun is for All

This free 5K run is not actually about the run at all.

The Shakeout Podcast: The Road to the First Olympic Women’s Marathon

23-year-old Silvia Ruegger raced for Canada at the first Olympic women’s marathon.

The Shakeout Podcast: The High Risks of Running

After a near-fatal climbing accident, Adam Campbell tells his story of struggle and survival.

The Shakeout Podcast: Racing Against the Clock to the Boston Marathon

Soroush Hatami fights against the travel ban to run in this year’s Boston Marathon

The Shakeout Podcast: Alex Hutchinson Uncovers the Mystery of Endurance

Sports science journalist Hutchinson explores the limits of human performance through personal experiences.

The Shakeout Podcast: George Aitkin, a Photographer’s Chase for the Perfect Shot

Surrounded by a massive collection of running photographs, Aitkin explains why his work remains unfinished.

The Shakeout Podcast: Canada’s Fastest Diva

An opera singer finds her stride in running.

The Shakeout Podcast: Bruce Kidd, the Teen Who Beat Them All

Canada’s great long-distance runner of the 1960s battles on the world stage.

The Shakeout Podcast: Would You Race in The World’s Coldest and Toughest Ultra?

Listen to stories of struggle and triumph from an ultramarathon in the Yukon.