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The swap: Lettuce wraps versus regular

Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce

Needing to add healthy lunch options to the menu? When it comes to the packed lunch, buns, sandwiches and wraps are high on the list of popular options. When it comes to eating healthy foods to fuel the workday, carbs aren’t exactly the way to go. For those looking to reduce their carb intake, the lettuce wrap in place of a regular bread wrap is a smart swap. It means your favourite healthy burrito or wrap fillings can stay but you can say goodbye to the higher calorie wrap. Just buy a head of iceberg lettuce or Swiss chard and get wrapping. Need recipe inspiration? Check out our suggestions below.

Avocado chickpea wraps: This recipe uses mashed avocado and chickpeas with lemon juice as the base for a tasty, substantial wrap filler. Add on the recommended toppings of alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to keep things fresh, crunchy and extra healthy.

Grilled chicken pecan wraps: Using strawberries, chicken, pecans and feta, this wrap is basically your favourite summer salad all rolled up in a fresh and crunchy layer of lettuce. Make the marinade sauce first and prep the rest of the ingredients as the chicken sits. Garnish generously with fresh basil leaves.

Quinoa chicken wraps with peanut sauce: Quinoa as a filler in a wrap isn’t exactly a standard sandwich ingredient however it is a delicious and healthy one. Why not use the runner’s favourite food? The extra tasty part of this meal though is the peanut sauce. Perfect it and vary up the wrap toppings or add in new ones if you wish.

Spicy coconut shrimp wraps: Shrimp, cucumber and fresh mango. What three flavours compliment each other better? This lunch or dinner option is likely to be a favourite. It’s so delicious it doesn’t even feel like you’re eating healthly food.

Black bean avocado Swiss chard wrap: The chard adds an interesting twist that both your taste buds and your body will thank you for. This dark green is packed with more nutrients than lettuce and the combination of avocados and black beans give you the protein and good fats to keep you fueled for a run later on.