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Exclusive look at the new Asics ActiBreeze 3D Sandal

We have seen the era of the super shoe and spike. Now, Asics has come out with a super sandal, designed for recovery

Photo by: Asics

Asics is the latest brand to create a performance sandal specifically designed to help the body and mind of a recovering athlete. Its new ActiBreeze 3D Sandal features a novel geometric structure, made possible through parametric design and advanced 3D printing technology, to deliver outstanding comfort and protection for the athlete.

The comfort of the Actibreeze 3D sandal comes from the honeycomb webbing lattice and 3D printed structure. Photo: Asics

Other key elements of the sandal include a thick, open lattice structure, which delivers cooling and breathability. According to Asics, the sandal is proven to keep temperature and humidity levels on your foot lower than other recovery sandals currently on the market. The sandal’s extra-wide base provides a soft, stable platform to help optimize recovery, which helps the athlete perform at their peak.

The comfort comes from the sandal’s honeycomb webbing lattice and 3D printed structure. The shoe compresses and releases much like a trampoline and feels uniquely soft.

The sandal appeared for the first time at the 2022 World Athletics Championships, where it was worn by Asics athletes such as thrower Valarie Allman and distance runners Eilish McColgan and Mohamed Katir.

World bronze 1,500m medallist and Asics athlete Mohamed Katir of Spain. Photo: Asics

“We have seen the era of the super shoe and the super spike. Now it’s time for the super sandal,” said AJ Andrassy, general manager of product management at Asics. “This sandal is our commitment to performance: we want to continue exploring new ways we can further optimize post-race recovery and relaxation of both body and mind for our athletes.”

The sandal is unlike anything the brand has created before. It has a unique design to deliver optimized levels of softness and support. The development of this sandal also moves the brand closer to an exciting future where they can create a shoe that can freely morph its form to exactly fit the profile of an athlete. 

I’ve worn the sandal around the championships and my apartment for the past week, and found the comfort to be incredible. I slipped these on after my 20-kilometre long run, the softness was unbelievable. I found I was able to bounce back for a workout the next day pain-free, with my legs recovered. 

Testing the Actibreeze 3D printed sandal. Photo: Marley Dickinson

The only con I had with the sandal is that it’s bulky and somewhat difficult to pick up your feet in. I have tripped and caught the toe of the shoe a few times, which is just something to be conscious of while wearing the sandal.

The brand plans to release the Actibreeze 3D Sandal in the fall in the U.S. and Asia, retailing for USD $80, but there is no timeline yet for when the recovery sandal will arrive in Canada.