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Puma brings back 32-year-old fitness-tracking shoe

Its bizarre shape is part of the retro charm of the 1986 Puma RS Computer shoe, now with updated tech

It may look ridiculously clumsy to us 21st-century wearable tech warriors, but Puma had one of the world’s first modern fitness trackers back in 1986, and tomorrow it’s launching an updated version in a limited edition of only 86 units. Christened the Puma RS (Running System) Computer, the shoe counted steps and calories burned, and you could plug it into an Apple II or Commodore 64 desktop computer to obsess over your stats, 32 years ago.

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Photo: Puma (Hypebeast)

The new version of the white leather trainer (which may elicit memories of the 20-Minute Workout) will be USB-chargeable and can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will also contain an accelerometer, an extended memory that can store up to 30 days of data, and a rechargeable battery.

The 86 pairs will be distributed tomorrow to dedicated Puma stores in Berlin, Tokyo and London, as well as selected specialty shoe retailers. The price was not available.