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What we love about the new Asics fuzeX running shoe

One of the newest items to hit the footwear market, the Asics fuzeX is sleek and provides a firm but smooth ride for runners of all abilities.

Asics fuzeX
Asics fuzeX
Photo: ASICS fuzeX (PRNewsFoto/ASICS America).

Though many of the photos in the shoe’s campaign is Parkour-themed, the new Asics fuzeX is very much a running shoe, marketed towards runners aged 14 to 25 as the Kobe, Japan-based brand looks to keep pace in the always-evolving footwear market. The fuzeX is a cushioned shoe with a minimalist look and can offer a quality feel for runners of all abilities.

Quick facts

Drop: 8 mm
Weight: 8.4 oz. (women), 10.4 oz. (men)
Price: $139.99
Category: Neutral and intended for runners with high arches looking for neutral to minimal support.

What we really like

The shoe looks great right out of the box. The brand emphasizes its versatility and with a minimal look, it can double up as an everyday shoe.

The cushioning is on the stiff side and needs to a bit of breaking in. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. It forces runners to be soft on their feet and requires runners to gradually transition from one shoe to another, which is ideal when purchasing a new pair of kicks.

The upper is seamless meaning that it has a glove-like fit and reduces movement in the toe box and in the heel area. The good thing about shoes constructed with a seamless upper is that it reduces the chance of blisters, chafing or uncomfortable pressure points. And with minimal seams, the shoe is also much cleaner looking than most traditional running shoes.

As can be seen in the below photo, the shoe has a wavy pattern on both the heel and throughout the mid sole giving it a sleek overall look. The moment you put on these shoes, it feels like you’re going to have a good run.

Asics fuzeX
The men’s Asics fuzeX in Asics Blue/Indigo Blue/Hot Orange fresh out of the box.

FuzeGEL is a new, lightweight technology that will absorb shock and provide bounce whether you’re running on the trails or exploring the city or countryside on the roads (much of the testing of this shoe was done on asphalt, concrete and gravel trails).

The outer also includes high abrasion rubber extending the life of the shoe and protecting your feet from the elements, especially if you regularly hit the trails. This durable pair does add a bit of weight to the shoe but between 8.4 and 10.4 oz., the shoe is certainly not bulky either.

Asics fuzeX
Photo: ASICS fuzeX (PRNewsFoto/ASICS America).

The fuzeX comes in a variety of colours in both the men’s and women’s models including blue/orange, pink/gray, blue/black and turquoise/green. The fuzeX also comes in a Lyte version, with separate colourways for the slightly lighter edition.

What we would like to see in future editions

Ever notice that some shoes have that extra shoelace hole at the very top? The Asics fuzeX has six shoelace holes on each side which requires tying the shoe a bit tighter to ensure a snug fit.

The first few runs needed a bit of adjusting but again, that was partially because of the transition from other shoe types of running shoes.

The shoe is also fairly narrow for a running shoe. Depending on the width of your foot, this can prove to be ideal or a bit too tight.

And although we may not recommend trying some of the stunts seen in the above Asics video, the fuzeX is on point as a running shoe despite being part of a brand new collection of footwear.