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SHOE REVIEW: Asics Novablast 3

The Novablast 3 is a desert-island shoe that does it all

Asics Novablast 3

The Novablast is quickly becoming one of the most popular shoes in the Asics lineup, and for good reason. The lightweight, everyday trainer does more than you expect of a shoe in its category. In the fall, track runners do what’s known as “base” season–we run higher milage on a variety of surfaces (track, road and trail). I’ve worn the Novablast for 90 per cent of my fall training, only swapping it out for something a bit snappier when I’m looking to do faster intervals. The Novablast really strikes a remarkable balance of snap and cushion, which is why I use it so often. If you’re looking for one shoe to do it all, the Novablast is that shoe.

Drop: 8 mm
Weight: 221 grams for women’s size 8

Available: November 1, 2022
Price: CAD $190

The upper

The upper material is one of the main changes in the shoe–it’s more breathable this time around and made with mostly recycled materials. Beyond these updates, the tongue shape has changed and cushion added, helping the shoe fit snugly around my ankle. I ran through a hail storm in this shoe, and it was perfectly dry by the next morning–a testament to the Novablast’s breathability. 

Asics Novablast 3
Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

The midsole

The midsole uses the FF Blast+ foam, making the shoe a little snappier than the previous version. The beauty of the Novablast is that it’s well cushioned, but also bouncy–the one-two punch that facilitates its versatility. The FF Blast+ is also lighter than previous foams, making this the lightest Novablast yet.

The outsole

The outsole remains Asics’s AHAR technology, a durable material that grips well on road, trail and track.

Asics Novablast 3
Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

The verdict

The Novablast is a well cushioned shoe that’s great on the roads and light enough to get you through a hard long run, but has enough support for an easy day when your legs are feeling a bit beat up. The Novablast fits true to size. 

I wear this shoe on my easy days, my workout days and in the gym. While there are other ASICS shoes I’ll pull out for especially tough track days (like the Magic Speed, for example), the Novablast is a desert-island shoe that really does it all. 

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