Under Armour raises its trail running game with the Horizon KTV

With a Michelin outsole, you know the Under Armour Horizon KTV is built for grip and longevity

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Canadian Running put the Under Armour Horizon KTV through, and over, it all including mud, creeks, roots, rocks and everything that one would encounter on the trails. Don’t believe us? Just check out the current state of the shoes as pictured.

The Horizon KTV shows that Under Armour is getting serious about off-road running. The trail running footwear features a stiff and super tough upper, a Michelin-made outsole around the toebox, which is one of the first things that stands out on the shoe, and grippy and durable directional tread. Chances are you won’t find a tougher upper than on the KTV.

The KTV is similar to the Under Armour Horizon RTT minus the Michelin outsole and the shape of the lugs. (Click here to see photos of the RTT.) Plus, there’s also the Horizon STR but the KTV is the lightest of the three in the collection.

The shoe withstood off-road adventures including the trails around Whistler, B.C. and the terrain at Crawford Lake Conversation Area, the site of the Burlington Runners Iroquoia Trail Test. (The shoe was going to be used for the Red Bull 400 but the event was cancelled due to the wildfires in British Columbia.)

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The shoe is well-suited for a runner that is looking to get into, or who is relatively new to, trail running as it isn’t dissimilar to a responsive road shoe. It’s not bulky and the cut is similar to that of a traditional road running shoe. (There’s no high sleeve, for example.) New wearers can expect that the shoe will take a few runs to get broken into, however, including the stiff lacing system that requires some extra effort to tie to the desired fit.

Under Armour Horizon KTV
Photo: Adam Wojtkowiak.

The KTV features an EVA midsole, which many runners may be accustomed to. It’s responsive and Under Armour adds a bit more cushioning with its Charged “foam puck” under the heel, which adds an extra layer of protection and makes the feel slightly softer.

Shoe essentials

Release date: Available now
Type: Trail running
Heel-to-toe drop: 7 mm
Weight: Men’s: 11 oz., Women’s: 9 oz.
Price (MSRP): $159.99
Terrain tested: Single-track technical trail, including one race, non-technical dirt trail and asphalt/sidewalk.
Kilometres tested: 150

We found that this treads of the shoe were particularly helpful when descending the trails, especially on a wet day when rocks and roots are slippery. Admittedly, on several occasions, the KTV prevented what may have been an ankle sprain by limiting any unwanted slippage. Plus, the toebox, that seems like a steel toe of a work boot, adds protection against any stubs that one would experience when making contact with trail debris. Note that the shoe does fit rather narrow, especially in the toe.

Under Armour Horizon KTV
Photo: Adam Wojtkowiak.

This shoe also works well for a runner who doesn’t reside immediately adjacent to a trail system. The hybrid-like build of the shoe won’t wreck your feet if you need to run several kilometres on road or sidewalk that separates you from the trails. Running on harder surfaces may break down the lugs a bit but after 150K, with at least 10 per cent of that on road, the only marks on the tester pair are scuffs, and left over dirt of course.

Under Armour Horizon KTV
Photo: Adam Wojtkowiak.

At less than $160, the price is fair for an all-around trail running shoe, which can be used in the winter because it runs rather hot compared to more breathable footwear. At the same time, that’s a bit of a sacrifice if you’re in the market for a cooler-temperature shoe in the summer. The shoe has a pretty standard 7 mm drop and a middle-of-the-pack weight of 9-11 oz. depending on size and whether it’s a men’s or women’s model.

Find the UA Horizon KTV at your local run-specialty store or online.