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Up close: Colourful and patterned Stance socks

Get to know Stance's line of patterned, bright and sometimes movie themed socks with an up close look at two of the brand's many colourways.

Stance Socks

Known for their vibrant colourways and graphic designs, Stance has taken their signature look and gotten into running wear in recent years. From Star Wars- to Disney-themed socks to striped argyle patterns, there’s a good chance that the specialty sock company has a design that’s right for you.

Staffers at Canadian Running were able to take a few pairs for some runs with length ranging from ankle to high-calf length. Socks are always a good investment for runners in providing the last line of defence between running shoes and one’s foot.

A favourite among runners is likely to be the Momentum Tab, which retails for US$ 15 but is available in Canada, which is a more traditional ankle length sock. The Momentum Tab design is part of Stance’s “Fusion Run” line which includes low-cut socks, medium-cut as well as bolder high-cut sock. The high cut socks retail for US$36.

Note that the low-cut socks typically have, at least in CR‘s experience, a softer feel while the higher cut socks have a stretchier, thinner feel to them. All pairs are split between left and right to ensure a snug fit.

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The Stance logo on the reverse of the socks is reflective adding some visibility when running before sunrise or after sunset. The tab on the back of the heels not only acts as added comfort but also makes it easy to peel the socks off after exercise. It’s recommended to avoid putting the socks in the dryer.

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With the holidays coming up, these socks are a nice idea for stocking stuffers or for those who go through socks on a regular basis.