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What to wear for every temperature of winter running

Saucony can outfit runners for every kind of cold-weather run

This fall has been a whirlwind of weather. In Ontario, there have been 25-degree days, followed quickly by hail. In other parts of the country, they’ve seen record snowfalls. While the weather isn’t a thrilling topic, it’s an important one for runners who run year-round and want to be comfortable. The right running outfit can make or break a session, and Saucony wants to outfit runners appropriately to ensure they get their mileage in, no matter the weather. 

Their fall line of clothes is functional, fashionable and supremely comfortable. With extra attention obviously given to fabrics and functionality, these clothes are the pieces runners need in their fall wardrobe. Here’s a breakdown of the pieces we’ve tried and their ideal usage. 

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If it’s 10 to 15 degrees

The split-second shorts are a dream. They’re lightweight and cut perfectly, and they have a 2.5-inch inseam and a small pocket for keys or a credit card. Retailing at only $49.99, they’re a staple piece in any running wardrobe, because even when it’s not shorts weather outside, runners need a pair for strength and cross-training (and if you live in Ontario, you know that, oddly, most of November has turned into shorts weather). These shorts, coupled with the Sunday Funnel Neck ($99.99), are an ideal combination for a roughly 15-degree run. If the weather is dipping closer to 10 degrees, throw on the Fortify beanie and gloves (39.99), along with the Snowdrift vest (149.99) for a perfect outfit. 

If it’s hovering around zero

I cannot understate the importance of a vest in a runner’s winter wardrobe. It’s the perfect piece for almost any weather. If it’s really cold, layer it with a jacket. If it’s a shoulder-temperature, just wear it with a light long sleeve. When the weather is hovering around zero, the Snowdrift vest, funnel neck long sleeve and Fortify tights ($99.99) are an ideal combo. As always, make sure you’ve got your beanie and gloves on. A bonus of the gloves, they’ve got an always-appreciated dedicated snot zone (which feels quite nice on a runny nose) and text-friendly fabric on the thumb and index fingers.

If it’s truly cold (-10 or under)

If the temperatures are solidly below zero, it’s time to invest in a good winter running jacket and thermal tights. The Saucony Snowdrift jacket (199.99) and Solace tights (99.99) are the perfect duo for cold-weather running. The jacket has a high collar and is seriously warm, with added breathability where you need it (armpits) and extra wind protection in the front and back. The tights are lined, but still move well, a line that’s hard to walk in heavier leggings. Another cold-weather tip, long socks that cover you ankles always go a long way. Even if it’s not particularly snowy, keeping your Achilles tendon nice and warm is always a priority.