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2016 Golden Shoe Awards: Performance of the Year – Corey Bellemore’s beer miles

Corey Bellemore, a standout runner from Windsor, Ont., burst onto the beer mile scene this summer running back-to-back world records.

Corey Bellemore
Corey Bellemore
Photo: Milos Savic.

Every year, Canadian Running names its Golden Shoe Awards. After a national reader’s survey and round-table conversations with CR‘s regular contributors and experts, we recognize the best and most essential runners, races, clubs and places in the country.

Performance of the Year: Corey Bellemore’s Two Beer Mile World Records in Four Days

Just a few short years ago, it seemed like no one would ever break the elusive five-minute barrier for running 1,609m interspersed with chugging four beers.

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This summer, University of Windsor athlete Corey Bellemore took to a track on his own and destroyed the world record by 13 seconds, lowering it to 4:39. That got him immediate and well-timed global attention, and he found himself on a plane three days later to London for the Beer Mile World Classic. Jet-lagged and thrust into the spotlight, he demolished the competition and lowered the mark once more to 4:34.

Editor’s note: Bellemore has since won the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships running 4:49.