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Beermile who’s who: Lianne Girard

Lianne Girard is the latest addition to the Canadian beer mile squad. The Queen’s University cross-country veteran is an all-round athlete, formerly a cheerleader and competing in obstacle courses for an extra challenge on the side.

lianne girard

Beermile nickname: Hot Tamal-Li
My pump up song is: “Eurodancer (Ultra Remix)” – DJ Mangoo

My favourite beer is: Paulaner
My favourite workout is: The first workout back after an injury!
My running hero is: Rich Roll – close personal tie to his story and his passion for running is contagious.
If I could only run one route for the rest of my life it would be: Along the trail that runs the outside edge of Santorini, Greece. Most beautiful island in the world with stunning views. The path has a good mix of different terrains and elevation. Plus, you’d get to eat authentic Greek food at the end of each run! Although, beer selection isn’t ideal
What’s harder than a beer mile: Trying to drink 2L of water in under 1 minute (you can watch Lianne attempt this as part of her Beermile World Classic training, here).