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Fall races to try: Canadian relays


Late-summer days are here and for runners, that means that training must be at its best to condition ourselves for those fall races we’re looking forward to. Many times, when thinking about race goals, it’s about personal performance. Wanting to run a PB and land a good place is something most of us aim for. But remember the days of running with a school team? Cross-country was all about ranking the best all together. Aim for your PB this fall but if you’re wanting an experience to share with your best running friends, a relay might be the way to go. There’s perhaps no better way to experience the camaraderie of the running world than to enter one of these Canadian fall relays:

Rum Runners Relay

Sept. 26, Halifax

This is a race that runners are sure to put on the bucket list. The relay runs along areas in Halifax to Lunenberg where rum runners used to run their trade back during The Nova Scotia Temperance Act. Those who participate will enjoy getting a dose of history as they run the course. It’s a popular one with 10 stages and 70 teams.


Run for the Toad

Oct. 3, Paris, Ont. 

This is the race to run for the runners who enjoy being out on the trail. It’s one of Canada’s best-known trail races and quite a popular one. The course is a 12.5K loop which is repeated. While there are options to do it solo, the relay requires four runners.

Banff Ekiden Relay

Oct. 17, Banff

The group of runners who has many different distance preferences will have a lot of fun running this Banff race. The five members in each team have a choice of running short but hilly distances of 4.3K up to longer stretches of 13K to total marathon distance. Make this one at the start of a vacation and experience the rest of Banff in the days that follow.

Whistler 50 Relay and Ultra

Oct. 17, Whistler

There are two ways to do this race. Option one is getting a team of eight and running legs of 13K and 7K. Option two has four runners alternating 20K stretches. The race is based out of Whistler Village taking runners out onto one of Canada’s most stunning trail systems. Those who run the relay are likely more focused on the team environment and getting to experience running in this area.

Vancouver Historic Half

Nov. 29, Vancouver

This race offers plenty of options for the individual runner but those who are interested in the half-marathon relay can opt for that instead. Running as a team is a fun way to experience Vancouver’s Stanley Park and for runners getting back into the racing scene, a team race can take the edge off.

Miles with the Giant- Thunder Bay Marathon 

Sept. 27, Thunder Bay, Ont. 

The main event at this race is the marathon however they do offer a half-marathon relay. over 1,000 runners show up to this northern Ontario region to take part. Runners will especially fall in love with the views of Lake Superior as they run along the trails in brisk, late-September weather.