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Athletes strip down for underpants run at Ironman world championships

Hundreds of triathletes stripped down to take part in the Kona Underpants Run in Hawaii ahead of the Ironman world championships.

Kona Underpants Run

Hundreds of triathletes stripped down for an underpants run at the Ironman world championships in what has become a pre-race tradition. The run, held on Oct. 6, was held two days before the start of the race in Kona, Hawaii.

Why an underpants run? The event’s website says it’s “For some good, clean fun and to raise money for local charities.”

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The underpants run is 2.4K, held at 7:30 a.m. local time on Thursday with the start and finish area being the same spot where the Ironman banquets are held. Triathletes will be running a marathon as part of the third leg of their Ironman races on Saturday. Prior to running 42.2K, athletes swim 3.86K and bike 180.25K.

The event was held for the 19th year on Thursday and since its inception has raised more than $270,000 for local charities. Donations for entry are US$25.


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The Ironman world championships are ongoing as of Saturday afternoon. The world championships is restricted to athletes who meet certain qualifying standards.

See additional photos from the event here, courtesy Triathlon Magazine Canada and Kevin Mackinnon.