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Looking for a fun challenge? Try 3 Days in the Park

Ontario runners can sign up for the 72-hour, 48-hour or 24-hour fun run

After running 200 miles in October 2020, Clay Williams wanted to share the joy of the finish line with others. This led to the inception of 3 Days in the Park, a fun 72-hour event in Sandy Hills Regional Forest in Elmira, Ont., in support of the Mood Disorders Society of Canada.


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“I would much rather run for a personal goal and a cause than run for a medal,” explains Williams. “So I don’t want to make this a race, let’s call it a fun run.”

Runners can choose between one of three runs: a 72-hour, 48-hour and 24-hour, all of which will be run on a one-mile loop with one short, steep hill. The start of each run will be staggered so that all of them will finish at the same time, starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, October 14 and ending at 9 a.m. on Sunday, October 17. The unofficial name for the event is the Stahr Wahrs Ultra, and nobody will be discouraged from bringing their Star Wars Gear.

Aid stations will be minimal, providing only water, bananas, potatoes and salt, so runners will have to bring anything else they require on the day of the run. The cost of the event is $125 for the 72-hour, $90 for the 48-hour and $50 for the 24-hour.


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The run is capped at 20 participants, and each runner is encouraged to raise funds for the Mood Disorders Society of Canada’s Move for Mental Health campaign. All extra profits from the registration fees will also go toward supporting the campaign. Anyone who wishes to sign up can do so by emailing canalpursuit@gmail.com.