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Robert Hajnal came second at UTMB in wide-legged pants

UTMB has officially finished and many spectators have taken notice of second placer finisher, Robert Hajnal's outfit

UTMB has officially finished and amidst the hundreds of DNFs and freezing temperatures, many spectators have taken notice of second placer finisher Robert Hajnal’s outfit. 

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Hajnal finished the 171 kilometres in an impressive 21:26:20. This is the runner’s first time in the top three at UTMB and a major international victory. Hajnal said post-race that he was aiming for the top 10. He had no idea he would end up in the top two.

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Hajnal is pictured multiple times wearing long and wide-legged pants. Almost uniformly, runners would wear shorts or tights for a race. We recognize that it was very cold at points during the event, but Hajnal’s outfit was surprising. Event commentators picked up on the outfit, suggesting that loose pants could become the next big thing in trail running. He was second at UTMB after all, clearly Hajnal knows what he’s doing. 

Hajnal’s biggest and most impressive trail result could also have created a new fashion trend. Hopefully his amazing results will bring many other UTMB runners to wear a white t-shirt and long, wide pants for the 2019 event. 

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