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VIDEO: Joggler world record half-marathon predictions

Michael Bergeron of Halifax and Graydon Snider of Montreal will be vying for the half-marathon joggling world record at Scotiabank next Sunday. Our experts give their best predictions on who has a better chance

Michael Bergeron

Two men will battle for a new joggling half-marathon world record at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 21: Michael Bergeron of Halifax and Graydon Snider of Montreal. Our experts, Gabrielle Foran and Michal Kapral (both joggling world record-holders, in fact it’s Kapral’s half-marathon record from 2014 that Bergeron and Snider are aiming to take down) offer their take on who is in better shape to set a new record.

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Gabrielle: Michael [Bergeron] joggled a half-marathon last year in sub-1:22, which is fairly close to Michal’s record.

Michal: I think Graydon [Snider] has a slightly better shot at this, because he has a really fast half-marathon non-joggling time of 1:09, which is actually about two minutes faster than I ever ran a half.


Gabrielle: Michael ran that time last year, but more recently he set the 10K joggling record. 

Michal: Not long ago, Graydon beat Michael at a 5K.

Gabrielle: My last interesting point about Michael is that not only can he joggle with balls, but I’ve also seen photos and footage of him joggling with knives, so he might be able to pull out that intimidation factor if he needs it, if they’re going head to head late in the race.

Michal: Graydon was struggling with an injury a couple of years ago, so that slowed him down for a while, but now I’ve heard he’s come back into form. He posted on Twitter that he did a training run at world record half-marathon pace for almost the full distance, so I think he’s got what it takes to do this. He’s in good shape now.

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Be sure to watch the race on October 21. For more information on the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, click here.