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YouTuber ‘HellahGood’ begins run across America

With close to a four-year run streak under his belt, the internet personality is focusing on a much bigger challenge

Photo by: Instagram/hellahgood9

Fitness YouTuber Hellah Sidibe (better known to his social media followers as HellahGood) set off on a run across the U.S. on Monday. He started his 3,200-mile journey in Los Angeles, and he hopes to arrive in New York City in 100 days or less. Sidibe started a run streak in May 2017, and after close to four years without missing a day, he has gathered quite a following with 245,000 subscribers on YouTube, many of whom will be watching his run across America. 

Sidibe was born and raised in Mali in Africa, but he now lives in New Jersey. As he told Men’s Health in 2020, he didn’t originally plan on running every day for years. Instead, he simply told himself to run for 10 minutes every day for two weeks. “My mentality was just to get out there for 10 minutes,” he said. “The distance didn’t matter for me, the pace didn’t matter.” 

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Soon enough, he could run up to six miles, and he forced himself to get out every day, no matter how much he didn’t want to. He is approaching the four-year anniversary of his run streak, which he’ll likely celebrate on the road as he makes his way to NYC. 

With a route that’s 3,200 miles (5,150 kilometres) long, Sidibe has a long run ahead of him, and he has said he hopes to complete it in at most 100 days. To make it from coast to coast in 100 days, he will have to average 51K a day. This is a massive undertaking, and if Sidibe makes it the whole way, he will beat his total mileage from 2020 (3,095 miles) in just a few months of running. 

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While Sidibe is running across the U.S. as a personal challenge (which he will document on YouTube and Instagram), he is also using it as a chance to raise money for Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that collects shoes for people in need. As noted on his fundraising page, Sidibe hopes to raise $50,000 for this organization, and so far, early on in the run, he sits at around $2,000. 

To follow Sidibe’s journey, click here