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2 weeks to Boston: tips to prepare

You've started your taper. Here are some things to keep in mind

2024 Bostson Marathon

April 1 means it’s officially race month for those headed to the Boston Marathon on April 15. If you’ve spent your winter training for the 2024 edition of this storied race, you’re probably starting to think about the final preparations you can make to set yourself up for success on April 15. Here are five tips to consider:

boston marathon 2023
127th Boston Marathon
April 17, 2023. Photo: Kevin Morris


It’s not too early to start checking the forecast and thinking about how the weather will factor into your race day plans–from what you’ll wear on the bus to Hopkinton to what you’ll run in. Boston in April can bring all types of weather, as we’ve seen on race day many times. As of today, race-day conditions are predicted to be a lovely 15 C, mainly sunny with a low chance of precipitation. While this could change, it appears we can look forward to a near-perfect day for running. However, packing for all conditions is still advised!

The right mindset

With more time (and energy) on their hands (thank you, taper!), runners often experience feelings of excitement but also stress, doubt and anxiety. This is normal. Reading how the elites handle these emotions can really help. Check out this summary of running mindset tips from some of the greats.

Make a race weekend checklist

Now is the time to locate your registration information, review travel plans, make that pre-race dinner reservation and start to pack. Many runners prefer to travel with their race-day nutrition with them, so ensuring you’ve got the right supplies and some backups will reduce the risk of forgetting anything in the final days.

Prep for the hills


The hard work is done. As runners enter their taper, it’s a good time to start thinking about the unique nature of the Boston course. You’ve probably done lots hill reps in training. As you head into the last two weeks of easier training, now’s a good time to continue practicing some downhill running so the legs get used to what’s coming on April 15.

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