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How to avoid ghosting your running routine during your upcoming vacation

Got the car nearly loaded up for that summer road trip? We just hope you remembered to pack those running shoes.

In the first weeks of summer, many of us are reaching for those stashed away suitcases and camping gear. While some are satisfied with local day trips, plenty of runners are making plans for getaways to the lake or trips outside of the country’s borders. 

If you’re one of those runners getting ready to buckle up for take-off, we’re hoping you thought to pack the running shoes in with the bikinis and traveller’s guides. Too often, when runners go away, they accidentally ghost (read: ignore) their running routine entirely. If you’re planning on running during your summer vacation, here’s our guide on what to keep in mind:  

Get a feel for the area before heading out. Where are you headed this season? If you’re planning on including running as a part of your time away from home, make sure you’re going into it well-researched and prepared. Don’t be the naive runner who gets lost two kilometres in or strays into the rough part of town. Before you get to your destination, look up key pieces of information: helpful phrases if there’s a language barrier; crime rates; common tourist mistakes to avoid there; your route. If you’re staying at a resort and venturing out, scope out the vibe of the place before you run. 

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Find a like-minded individual and partner up. It’s easy enough to make the case for running with a buddy when you’re in your hometown. But when travelling, there’s even more reason to run with a friend. For one, there’s safety in numbers. Other than that though, once settled into the run, you’ll appreciate having someone to share the views and experiences that always seem much more rich when in a new place. And then there’s the fact that this partner will keep you honest when you’re just about to cancel the day’s run. 

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Bring cash on the run. This piece of advice is easy to overlook. When going for a run in a new place, it’s always a good idea to have some money at the ready. There’s always the chance that on the way back to the Airbnb, you’ll spot a cute cafe or cozy pub to check out. Perhaps there’s a roadside vendor selling fresh fruits or homemade jewelry. It boils down to this: have the cash, use it for the experience. 

Try something new and ditch the restrictions. There are so many arguments for scrapping the watch, workout plan or expectations around speed and length of the run. Strict rules on vacation lead to resentment. Go with the flow, lace up and see what happens. And make a point to try something new. Maybe that means getting up before dawn to run with a local group. It could be stopping by a fresh juice stand at the street corner for post-run hydrating. You decide! 

Be even more mindful about hydration. This here is self explanatory. Time on the beach and in the heat will lead to dehydration. And regardless of where you’re visiting, if you’re more likely to drink cocktails at the beach or reach for that extra lager while enjoying an evening with friends on the dock, make sure to take in enough water so as not to fry your run. 

Run early. In your day-to-day routine, running early brings the benefit of having it out of the way to accommodate for a busy schedule. This is the case on vacation too as you don’t want the run to interrupt the fun activities planned for later. But there’s another key detail that’s not to be overlooked: when on vacation, many of us try foreign and exciting new foods. Run early, you won’t risk the chance of an… er… upset tummy in the middle of the run as a result from those spicy empanadas you ate for lunch.