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How to have good running buddy etiquette

Running buddy etiquette
Running buddy etiquette

It’s the new year, maybe you’re in the market for a new running buddy or maybe you’ve made a pact with a friend to keep each other motivated all winter. No matter what you’re running goals are for the year, make sure you get off on the right foot with your partner. Here’s some simple tips on how to have good run buddy etiquette so you don’t get ditched before you get fit.

1. Scheduled a morning run? Don’t hit snooze.

When the alarm sounds and you’re snug in your cocoon of blankets, it can be terribly hard to brave icy-cold winds. Your running buddy probably feels the same so don’t hit the snooze button and show up late for your run. No one likes to be kept waiting at 6:00 a.m. when they too could be sleeping.

2. If you have to bail, you better not have a dumb excuse

If you’re a runner, you’ve heard the full spectrum of lame I-can’t-run-today excuses. Telling your partner you’re sick will only work a certain number of times. And don’t even try telling them you’re still waiting to get that one piece of gear that is supposedly keeping you back from running in the snow.

3. Keep the bragging to a minimum

So you had a few great races last year. Your running partner knows this and is sick of hearing about it.

4. If your buddy is having an off day, let it be an easy run

Everyone has days when just deciding to get out for a run is a huge battle. Go easy on your pal and take it a little slower. You can reschedule those grueling hill-sprints. And you’ll be thankful when it’s your turn.

5. Don’t be a total show off

If you always have to be that bit ahead and you’re always racing your bud rather than working together, you may find yourself hitting the trails alone.

6. Decide if music is a go or no-go

Many people opt not to run solo because they need conversation to keep the run interesting. When committing to training together, decide whether or not to turn on the tunes.

7. Don’t always be the one to choose the route

We all have those routes that make the run that bit more special — be it the scenic lakeside trail or street full of quaint homes. Choosing the route should be give and take. You should both have input on which roads to tackle.

8. Whining makes running tiresome for everyone. Keep the attitude positive

One of the best qualities in a club member or running buddy is a positive attitude. If you keep each other up, running will feel fun but a constantly complaining friend becomes a drag real quick. Putting up is just part of the sport.