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Runner creates a simple and free way to help hit your 2017 training goals

Looking for a simple way to track your 2017 training progress? One runner has created a free spreadsheet that acts as a useful running log.

Running Log

Running Log

Want to keep track your 2017 kilometres in an easy and no-nonsense way? One runner may have just the solution you’re looking for to keep a tab on your training as well as a way to visualize your progress.

John Jackson, a 23-year-old living in Stirling, Scotland, has created a simple (and free) spreadsheet to track your training on a month-to-month basis. Runners can enter their 2017 goal mileage and track breakdowns such as as kilometres to go to hit your goal, average time per run, total days ran, average distance per run and cumulative running time.

Free Running Log

This is a simple alternative to other tracking methods like Strava, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow, though all three remain good options. Basically, runners enter in their distance and time and the spreadsheet calculates the accompanying statistics related to training. One plus is that the spreadsheet does not require any third party applications or subscriptions.

Link to the spreadsheets, available on Google Drive. (There are four options, the differences being the ability to visualize progress as well as options to use kilometres or miles.)

John Jackson, a 23-year-old runner living in Scotland, is the spreadsheet creator and has since shared the useful training tool on Reddit, a social news aggregation website.

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“I started running in August last year to lose weight and to give myself some time to think,” he says. “With university work getting on top of me however I took a break from mid-November to mid-December and started back. With the new year coming I thought it was a great excuse to set a target that would hopefully help motivate me but I didn’t want to pay for an overpriced service. That’s when the spreadsheet came in, I’ve always been an advocate of open source projects and this simple spreadsheet would not cost me anything to make but it could help others.”

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He notes that the spreadsheet cannot accommodate elevation tracking or multiple runs in a day. There is also a graph option available here to visualize your 2017 goals and your current progress. (See below for example.)