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Workouts with animals that are suitable for every day of the week

In need of a little extra motivation? Working out with these furry, friendly creatures should do the trick

Let’s face it: in the middle of winter, many folks are looking for a little motivational boost. We’ve come up with countless tips – get a new running buddy, join a run club, switch the route – but if you’ve tried those already and come up short, we think we’ve come up with a solution. If winter’s cruel temperatures and biting winds are getting you down, it’s time to work out with an adorable, fuzzy pal. Below, a week’s worth of workout (we’re taking Saturday off) that involve the help of precious animals. Get ready for cuteness overload. 

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Sunday: Run with your dog in the snow. 

As these readers proved earlier this month, running in the winter with your favourite furry pal just makes for a happier run. Don’t have a dog? Take a page out of this writer’s book and run with a shelter dog. He or she will be so appreciative. Dog friends make for the best Sunday long run companions. Of course, an a.m. jaunt with Mr. Woofsie can work any day of the week to compliment the other workouts. 

Monday: Tone it up during some goat yoga. 

Goats are bound to get a chuckle out of any yogi during one of these sessions and that’s one sure way to cure your Monday blues. There’s no wonder goat yoga became an in-vogue workout trend real fast. Look at these guys – they’re adorable. Having a baby goat climb up whilst in table-top position is just extra incentive to bust out that yoga mat. 


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Tuesday: Get the cat for strength training moral support

Listen, the cat may not be as enthusiastic about this workout as, say, the goats but Mr. Fluffpants has always been there for moral support when you need him. If the week looks like it’s already going to be a long one, work out while your precious pet purrs away. See the video below for one fitness buff who understands the power of having the kitty next to her while she tones up. 

Wednesday: Stressed? It’s puppy Pilates time for you. 

Let the puppies roam free while you strengthen and stretch those overworked muscles of yours. Who doesn’t want to maximize their puppy time? This is the ideal workout for the middle of the week when pesky deadlines or a stressful meeting are on the mind. 

Thursday: Squat with your dog or cat.

Sculpt those glutes while cuddling your pet tonight. Could there really be a better way to spend an evening? In case you missed it, #SquatYourDog was a fun trend on social media not too long ago. Cats work just as well. 


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Friday: Bunny yoga

If goat yoga kinda freaks you out, hop into a class with rabbit guests instead. This class at Sunberry Fitness encourages humans and bunnies to hang out together and yes, you can bring your child so long as he/she is six or older. There’s no better way to jump into the weekend.