The flavour of the week on Instagram is the #uglyrunningface. The hashtag took off on Sunday with runners from around the world posting their most aesthetically upsetting race photos and challenging their friends to do the same.

The #uglyrunningface can be caused by the downstep or extreme fatigue, and then there’s the worst case scenario, both at once. Also, no one is immune to ugly running face, whether it’s your first 5K or you’re a seasoned professional, ugly running face is a universal consequence of working hard.

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We’ve rounded up some of the best of the bunch and are stoked to see all of these runners getting after it. Because the truth is, if you’re face isn’t a little ugly while running, you’re probably doing it wrong. 

When the finish line can’t come fast enough pain face:

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The confused pain face:

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The key to sprinting is staying relaxed pain face:

The “just a quick snooze” pain face:

The angry pain face:

The keep it together pain face:

The I no longer need this pain face:


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