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Claire Pisano is the woman behind the phallic Strava art

Learn more about the woman whose Instagram account went viral on Friday for the shape of her running routes

Claire Pisano of New Jersey works a corporate job and loves running, and last Friday morning she became internet-famous in the running community for what she calls “dick runs.”

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Barstool Sports posted shots of Pisano’s Instagram on Friday morning and a joke between her and her social media followers took off. This tradition began three years ago by accident and has continued since. Pisano flew to see her brother for Thanksgiving and went out for a run. She was in a new city, and planned out a route but took a wrong turn. When she came home and looked at her map, she saw what her route had accidentally drawn. On November 27, 2015 #dickrun was born.

Pisano says, “I did it by accident. You want to plan out a run to know how hilly and how far it is. I planned a fairly circular run, and then took a wrong turn.” She continued, “There’s a surprising amount of people who have started doing this. Once in a while someone will tag me in a run they’ve done.”


Pisano got into running about five years ago. She says it’s a peaceful activity. “It’s me time.” Pisano’s favourite race is the Marina Crops half-marathon, which she’s done several times. When she’s training seriously she doesn’t dick run, it’s just something she does for fun. If you’re looking to change your running route, here’s how you dick run. 

Map your run

Pisano says she uses the mapping tool Map My Run. She’ll make and save a route.

Bring your phone to track your progress 

She takes her phone with her to trace the map as she’s running. “I just keep my phone in hand to make sure I’m running the correct route.”

Post to social media and include #dickrun

This is a way to connect with Pisano and others who have created similar maps. 

Try it in different cities 

One of Pisano’s favourite things is dick running a new city. She travels a lot for work and says it’s a great way to see a new place. 

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